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Our History

> We are part of Las Leñas since the beginning.

We are part of Las Leñas from the real-state category, developing, building and managing some of the buildings in the Valley, such as Aries, Acuario and Los Molles shelter. We had the control over 45% of hotel places in Las Leñas.

All of this, joint to our love for ski, kept us nearby and in permanent touch with the valley and its people.


> Ski, mountain and Las Leñas true lovers.

With a group of owners, we decided to innovate in a simple and modern website, in order to facilitate booking apartments to those interested, having direct contact with the owners.

It is a reliable and friendly system that allows a fast link between those interested in renting there apartment and those seeking for a place to book during their visit in Las Leñas.

Our History in Las Leñas


By Juan Carlos Franchetti.

Many things had to take place, such as the alignment of the planets, in order to have an investment so huge, as a ski center, chosen in this place; being the South American mountain range so large.

At the beginning, the place was nearby Los Molles Valley, where the Andino Pehuenche Club from San Rafael had its shelter for romantic mountain climbers and skiers, the sport, with no comfort at all, was practiced “compacting” the snow with the skies and sometimes enjoying only one opportunity to go down the slope. We knew that in a close valley there was a mountain that the Puesteros called “Cerro Blanco” (White Mountain), because it was always covered in snow. They passed the excitement on to us, and we became fanatics of the place, promoting it all over the world, to such an extent that came to the owner’s ears and afterwards to Ernesto “Tito” Lowenstwein, who provided the capital, the entrepreneur enthusiasm and the rest just came along: government, roads, airport, etc, etc, which put the cap on the product that we see today.

You can see some pictures of that Ski Lift, totally made from scratch, where some archeological trails remain as testimony of the mountain spirit.


Las Leñas Depto


To be chosen for our applied innovation to resolve the apartment booking.

To be known for the human quality and professionalism of our people; but most important, for our contribution to Las Leñas valley.


Provide skiers and mountain lovers an easy and effective tool to find their apartment or chalet in Las Leñas Ski Resort.


Our values are an asset that determines our work methods: Seriousness, Support and Excellency; Professional management of resources; Social responsibility with the environment and the people.