* Las Leñas

Las Leñas

>>Las Leñas clears the mind, relaxes and challenges

Under these premise, it is impossible to get bored in Las Leñas. Each day is different, because the valley has countless activities thought for every member of the family.

On one hand young people wish to enjoy night activities, while adults prefer a ski day, followed by a relaxing dinner; all family members will have varied options every day.

In Las Leñas, children will always be entertained and protected, because the valley happens to be a very safe place.


Ski and snowboard Slopes.

Las Leñas valley has 29 slopes, with a maximum length of 7,050 m, with one slope considered among the longest in the world.

Skiers can find 5 km of easy slopes, ideal for beginners; 15 km of intermediate slopes, an uninterrupted descent of 7 km, (Apolo, Neptuno 1 and Venus 1) and 20 km of difficult slopes for advanced skiers.

For professional skiers, there are 24 km slopes (Cenidor, Marte and Mercurio) and the possibility to discover off-piste skiing in 3,800 hectares. All slopes have modern ski lifts, with a capacity to transport 9,200 skiers per hour. The lifts are open from 9 am to 7 pm.



Mountain Information

Mountain Information

  • Ski surface: there are 17,500 hectares and a “Terrain Park” of 1,500 m with bumps, slopes and rails.
  • Ski slopes: there are 29 ski and snowboard slopes, classified in beginners, advanced and professional; and in Green (15%) – Blue (45%) – Red (35%) – Black (5%).
  • Ski lifts: there are 14 ski lifts, including the “ski carpet” for beginners.
  • Pick height: 3,430 m above sea level. Las Leñas is the highest ski center in Argentina.
  • Base height: 2,240 m above sea level.
  • Mail area: uninterrupted descent of 1,000 m length with a slight slope.
  • Night ski: 2,000 m of illuminated slopes, only Saturdays and Wednesdays till 7pm
  • Snow Park: 1,500 m with bumps, slopes and rails; and different units for all levels.
  • Slalom area: in Eros II slope
  • Ski equipment rental: in Base 2; and inside the Piscis and Aries Hotels.
  • Snow manufacturing: there are 30 snow cannons along the mountain range.
  • Longest slope: this slope has 7 km, when combining Apolo, Neptuno and Venus.
Off-Piste Skiing

The off-piste skiing and snowboarding is one of the favorite activities among people who love this sport. But as any extreme activity that requires physical effort, involves risks and a big quote of responsibility, knowledge and good equipment, essential to perform this practice and not having to regret any serious injury at the end of the day. When circulating on snowy slopes, it is essential to have the correct training and personal experience.


Who has the intention to circulate off-piste, should first sign a responsibility disclaimer. This professional skier should go to the Slope Security Office located in the Base or in any Help Point on the mountain. It is very important to take into consideration that the off-piste skiing is full responsibility of the skier. It is recommended that the group has the safety equipment: helmet, backpack, PAA, transeivers (ARVA), RECCO pills and probe.


Avalanche Prevention System.

Las Leñas is the only ski center in Latin America, and one of the only worldwide, to have the GACEX avalanche prevention system. The Valley has 13 GAZEX systems for the preventative triggering of avalanches, a CATEX (Cable for Transporting Explosives) and 2 “avalancheurs” (certified international professionals, trained for this purpose), all located in strategic point, being able to operate day and night.