* Activities


>>Las Leñas clears the mind, relaxes and challenges.

Under these premise, it is impossible to get bored in Las Leñas. Each day is different, because the valley has countless activities thought for every member of the family.

On one hand young people wish to enjoy night activities, while adults prefer a ski day, followed by a relaxing dinner; all family members will have varied options every day.

In Las Leñas, children will always be entertained and protected, because the valley happens to be a very safe place.

>>What to do in La Leñas?

  • Cuisine: the valley has 18 different restaurants in the ski center and 3 in the mountain.
  • Shopping Mall: La Pirámide. This shop has important brands and the latest trends in equipment, clothing and accessories.
  • Entertainment: various activities are held, not only by day, but also by night.
  • Ski School: children and adults can learn how to ski daily.

Las leñas Tips.

  • Remember to bring sun block factor UV 40 or more and lip balm
  • Googles and dark glasses with UV protection are very important
  • Orange goggles will be useful to protect your sight in cloudy days
  • Never forget the ID of every passenger
  • Use snow or waterproof footwear, in order to get out of the car
  • Temperatures in the valley fluctuate between 5°C and -5°C. Take warm clothing
  • A good advice is to rent the ski equipment early in the morning
  • The Ski and Snowborad school start every Sunday and Monday
  • Top Class, Guided or private classes take place every day
  • Lockers: in order to leave the skies or boards, ask for the locker service next to the ticket office.
Summer / Winter

>> Las Leñas in winter.

Las Leñas is an excellent place to visit in winter and in summer, because it has great weather in both seasons. Winters are cold, temperature fluctuate between -10°C and 15 °C, perfect for ski, snowboard and heli-ski among others.


Las Leñas Summer

>>Las Leñas in summer

In Las Leñas summer’s temperature fluctuate between 5°C and 23°C, with the mountain sun as perfect company. Ideal to practice Trekking, horseback riding, Zip line ride, Climbing, Rappelling, Mountain bike, Ski lift ride among others.